People and Technologies

Premier Tech is a Canadian-based multinational with a 95-year record of leadership in horticulture and agriculture, environmental technologies and industrial equipment. Driven by the collective power of 4,500 team members in 26 countries, PT leverages its human capital and a culture deeply rooted in innovation and excellence.

Premier Tech Systems and Automation (PTSA) is a global leader in packaging, known for its state-of-the-art packaging machines and complete packaging lines for small- and large-scale production.


Making a Difference

Kockums Bulk Systems (KBS PT) is proud to be part of the Premier Tech presence in Oceania. The 40-person team at KBS leads the way, providing specialist knowledge and experience in the design and supply of bulk materials handling equipment and facilities.

The KBS PT team is known for creating tailored solutions that improve efficiency and productivity while enhancing the experience of workers on the frontline. With 68-years of innovation and a stellar reputation in Australasia, KBS PT continues to deliver superior results for customers and clients.


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