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Kockums Bulk Systems- Our History

Our early history

Originating in Sweden, the Kockums Company, through its association with the late H. W. Carlsen, saw the development of dense phase pneumatic conveying and this very new technology of the 1950-60’s provided the foundation for Kockums’ development.

Kockums in Malmo Sweden was the largest shipyard in the world in 1970 for tonnage output, and remarkably could assemble a 360,000 tonne hull in 6 weeks in the dry dock using the world’s largest Goliath crane that could lift 1600 tonne sections of the ship into place. A vessel would have commenced design 2 years before the assembly, and remarkably plates for the ship were cut by computer at that time.

Through the initiatives of Mr Ivan Price in the 1960’s and 70’s, this Swedish technology in pneumatic conveying was used to develop road and rail tankers in Australasia. The first series of 30 high performance rail tankers was designed to transport nickel concentrate from mines in Central Australia to the Western Australian coast for refining in 1969. He was the local engineer  for the H W Carlsen conversion of the M.V.Burwah, a coastal vessel to carry the first bulk cement from Tasmania to Melbourne and Sydney, which commenced operation in 1967. This vessel carried 3,200 tonne per trip, and unloaded at 400 tonne/hr.Throughout the 70’s and into the 1980’s, Kockums pressure discharge road tankers dominated the Australasian marketplace. During this time, developments proceeded for the supply of bulk powder systems in industry. In the mid 1980’s, Kockums Australian division was sold to John Shearer (now Arrowcrest) in South Australia and in 1989, a management buy out by Ivan Price saw the company split into two separate entities: Kockums Industries Pty Ltd, keeping the road tankers, and Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd (KBS) taking the In-Plant division.

The 90’s

In the 90’s two major systems were designed and supplied. With the building of the new Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong, KBS won the cement handling system, for sucking the powder from barges and blowing it up onto the island, at the rate of 160 tonne per hour. Two complete systems were supplied to China Cement Ltd, and the Reloaders of a 3rd system for further distribution of cement powder on the island.

At the same time, the upgrade of Bayswater Power Station in the Hunter Valley NSW, the largest base load coal-fired power station in Australia with four 660MW boilers proceeded. KBS designed and supplied the conveying system for removal of flyash from the station at the rate of 300 tonne/hr and over a total distance of 1.6km. The largest ever inland pneumatic conveying system in Australia.

With significant growth and product development, Kockums Bulk Systems are recognised today as Australia’s premier company in bulk powder handling systems.  The company employs 40 people many being highly experienced engineers that have been with the company for many years, thus providing continuity in product design and installation. The Electrical division continually develops sophisticated software to gain maximum performance from the equipment for ultimate system operation. A rigorous design checking system is used on projects to ensure the best possible outcome for some of Australia’s prestigious and most iconic companies, our clients.

Where we are Now

In more recent times, Kockums have acquired Control Automation Pty Ltd and Delis Power Systems Pty Ltd to broaden the field of operation into food and pharmaceutical areas.

Kockums Bulk Systems has the largest in-house pneumatic conveying test rig in Australia with the capability to simulate virtually all conditions that clients may stipulate.

Other test rigs on site include low throughput Microveyors, feeders, IBC’s, disc elevators, vacuum testing and the new concept Old’s Elevator.

Complimenting Kockums standard in-house range of products are over 20 international suppliers offering high quality, reputable and often unique solutions to industry.

Kockums Bulk Systems’ aim is to provide clients with Australia’s best fully functioning system relating to powder handling from product arrival into plant, transport in plant, weigh feeding, mixing, through to fully automatic sack filling and palletising.

A recent multi-million dollar project entailed the design and supply of a Compounds Plant for Lafarge plaster. This project won an award for Bulk Handling facility of the Year, and a Victorian Excellence Award with Engineers Australia in 2009.

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