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Francois Steyn.

Francois Steyn

Managing Director

Francois may be the Managing Director, but he is an engineer at heart. One of his greatest pleasures is to take on a tough technical issue working with the team to come up with an elegant and ingenious solutions for a customer.

Even more than the engineering, he loves playing a part in creating a safe and open place for the people at KBS to do their best work.

In 2018, Francois oversaw the acquisition of KBS by the Canadian company, Premier Tech. The merger has allowed KBS to expand its packaging business, develop powder handling for export and grow their customer support to cover all KBS and Premier Tech installations across Oceania.


Francois has a B. Eng. (Mech) from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He started his career with global engineering business, Howden before moving to Australia, beginning with KBS in 2012 as General Manager.

Throughout his career, Francois has championed people to fulfil their potential, kicking goals for themselves and the company.


“Our most rewarding moments come when we as a team create a solution that nobody else has thought of and hit that sweet spot for our customers. It makes for a great feeling and builds camaraderie like nothing else. We’ve won a few awards over the years for special projects and earned us a name for being honest, reliable, out of the box thinkers. Being a trusted advisor to our customer is a great position to have!”

Fun Facts

Francois is a motorsports enthusiast - keen to drive and ride anything with wheels. He’s also an avid Hot Air Balloonist and enjoys the serenity of the sport.

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Jason Groves

Business Development Manager – Bulk Handling Systems

Jason is a problem solver who loves a challenge. It's all about finding the perfect solution for the customer that fits their needs now and sets them up for the future.

"We have a portfolio of equipment, and then it's about working out with the customer what works for them. Every customer has specific needs, and every project is unique."


Jason has a lifetime of experience in engineering and manufacturing. He walked straight out of school and into an engineering apprenticeship in drawing and design.

"From the day I left school, I've been doing this – designing, building, and supplying powder handling systems for companies around the world."

His engineering background gives him a depth of insight into the needs of our customers, understanding their requirements and being able to match solutions and pricing to their project.


Jason knows that a thriving team is key to providing great customer service. Team success translates to the best outcomes for clients.

"I'm proud of the way we take care of our customers. We have a very high repeat customer business. So, we are doing something right from the start, through the engineering phase and the commissioning – the whole journey for the client is positive."

Fun Fact

Jason is a runner and hiker with a passion for getting into nature and exploring the great outdoors.

"If I have a day off and my family are busy with school and work - I would get up at 5 a.m. - head off two hours into the middle of nowhere and explore. I'm happy if nobody's there. That's my recharge."

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Sam LiRosi.

Sam Lirosi

Business Unit Manager -  Packaging Systems Premier Tech

Sam has been with the company forever (well, 30 plus years!). He joined Kockums straight out of university as a design engineer, and his role has evolved and grown with the business.

From engineering and procurement to operations and business development, Sam knows the business and industry inside out and back to front.

His current role makes the most of his experience, wisdom, and insight in dealing directly with our customers.

"I love that I'm still dealing with customers that I dealt with 20 years ago in an engineering role."


Sam has an Associate Diploma in Mech Eng. and Mech Design. Diploma in Project Management.

He's been there through every iteration of Kockums, starting with the company in when it was part of a Swedish owned conglomerate and later transitioning to Kockums Bulk Handling Systems.

Sam is now flying the flag for Premier Tech as the Business Unit Manager for the Packaging side of the business.

"It's not just about engineering, it's people, Yes, it's what we develop with engineering solutions for customers, but in the end, it's about working with people – that's the heart soul and spirit of what we do.


There's been a lifetime of engineering wins for customers - with tailored solutions across a wide variety of industries - from nutrition and organics to industrial products.

But in the end, it all comes back to people and relationships.

"It's the satisfaction of seeing a bunch of people come into the company and grow and develop and then achieve. I have been given opportunities, and now I get to facilitate that for others."

Fun Fact

Sam is an accomplished musician - playing, performing and teaching guitar.  He has three guitars in his home office and at least one guitar in every other room of the house!

"Music has created a life discipline. It's all about team building – putting a whole team together to perform. Motivating those people to keep the performance live and real and the discipline of working with all of that."

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Bronwyn Livesay.

Bronwyn Livesay

Financial Controller

Bronwyn’s responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of the business, but she’s across all aspects of the company and loves the diverse opportunities available.

“I’m not just a number in a department focussing on one thing. I am responsible for a variety of functions from reporting, cash flow and payroll, but then I also get to be involved in the strategic aspects of the business. I love the variety involved in being a financial controller in an SME and particularly with engineers!”


Bronwyn is a CPA with a Bachelor of Business Accountancy. She started her career working with engineers while at university and it stuck! She’s made a habit of working with vibrant, growing companies and has played integral roles during rapid expansions across the engineering sector.

Bronwyn’s been with KBS for over five years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position that helps us serve our customers with excellence.


“I love working alongside people who are passionate about helping the customer achieve the best outcome for them.”

Fun Fact

Bronwyn and her partner Rob foster cats for a local cat protection society. She gets joy out of watching the babies placed in her care grow, develop and become happy well-socialised kittens or cats. Bronwyn has even managed to convert her ‘I’m not a cat person’ partner into a feline fan!

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