Lifting Rolls & Reels

Protema lifts have been successfully marketed around the world for many years which during that time we have experienced and solved many manual lifting problems. Roll and reel lifting is very often carried out with an electric lift in different manufacturing processes such as in the food industry. The large packaging machines are equipped with spindles, where rolls of packaging foil is inserted. Downtime is undesirable and the exchange of the roll must be done quickly.

Changing rolls in packaging machines is carried out swiftly and safely using a Protema lift with V-block on a platform. The V-block is detachable so that the platform can be used for other chores in between changes. A simple method of safely transporting reels of foil from pallet to machine is using a V-block. The detachable machine shaft is inserted into the core of the roll resting in a V-block on a Protema lift. The V-block is placed on a rotating plate for easier access. The operator then pushes the lift into place and lifts the shaft into position.

With boom reel lifter you can easily change reels of packaging material which manually is a very strenuous task. A boom attached to a lift can be moved up close to the machine making the roll easy to push onto to the machine shaft, using very little manual force. The Boom can be attached to different models of Protema lifters, ranging from one of our smaller models PRO70 with weight capacity up to 70 kg and upwards, often counterweight models. A special boom with rollers makes it even easier to unload the reel.

A roll can be picked up from a pallet with a Protema EasySqueeze which grips the reel sideways. The roll is gripped safely between the arms, rotated and installed in the machine. We have different types of padded grippers available and all provide a great grip on most material. Arms are suited to the type of reel replacement. The reel is gripped, turned and placed on the shaft with fixed arms. The reel can be rotated manually or electrically with swiveling arms. It is possible to equip units such as PRO200LESE and PRO200LESM with fixed or swiveling arms and they can handle weights up to 130 kg. Here a PRO100 equipped with EasySqueeze arms to fix and rotate reels.

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