Special Lifting

Lifting in industrial kitchen

This is a Protema lightweight construction of aluminum that is very popular in industrial kitchens due to its flexibility and light construction. The staff of this industrial kitchen put their model PRO40 and PRO70 Protema lifts into use in everyday lifting situations.



The Pharmacy lifting aid is a special version adapted to pharmacy goods handling and does not take a lot of space. The foldable platform with forks is designed to lift the special plastic crates and boxes in which the pharmaceuticals are received. A Waste bin, bracket for empty crates and a small stainless steel shelf can be added. These are available on models PRO40 and PRO70 with lifting capacities 40 and 70 kg.


Tire lifting

Our Protema lifts are third party tested and certified in accordance with the European Machine Directive. The automotive industry uses these tire lifters in the testing stations to install and remove tires. The tire lifter tool is in combination with our electric Protema lifter model PRO70. The capacity of the tool is 40 kg with standard legs and the load center placed 260 mm from the mast. These parameters can certainly be customized and adjusted to other weights and dimensions. This battery lifter is very popular among testing facilities and auto shops.


Library and book stores

Another example of a Protema lift adapted to a specific type of user. This version is used to lift heavy plastic crates of books in the libraries. The forks are client adapted to fit specific plastic crates. If you also want the lift to be able to handle boxes and other object, a foldable platform can be added to the tool.


Lift in retailing

Unpacking goods is an easy job with the Protema lift. The ladder is practical and for reaching shelves high up and can be folded up against the lift to save space when not in use. On the picture is a PRO70 with platform and ladder used in retailing, both in public and storage areas.

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