Distribution Centres (High Speed)

  • The ORIGINAL of its kind
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Custom units available
  • Clean design
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Supplied with modular jib arm or gantry support structures
  • Fully installed & commissioned
  • Maintenance contracts availabl

This vacuum lifter is designed for high frequency lifting in distribution areas. VacuCobra lifts boxes ergonomically and quickly with a safe grip. VacuCobra is most effectively used in a light-weight crane system in aluminium but can also be installed in a jib arm.

A versatile lifting aid in high frequency distribution centres where fast and ergonomic lifting is necessary. Intense and ergonomic lifting is a possibility with the VacuCobra. The one handed and easy to use operation allows the operator to maintain a high lifting frequency without any strain. It is ideal for end of line packing load, roll cage loading and cargo. The quick-release control immediately releases the grip on the load when pressed.

360 degree rotation of the suction cup makes it easy to position goods without straining shoulders and back. VacuCobra is available in many different versions; our VacuCobra Light is a basic version where some of the features from the standard model are replaced with an attachment plate.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.