Industrial Material Lifting Machines

At Kockums Bulk Systems, we produce premium lifting machines that are suited to a wide range of industries and requirements. From hoist lifts through to bulk bag lifting frames, we have it all. The ViperHoist is ideal for lifting heavier goods quickly, while the bulk bag lifting frames can be custom designed to suit your individual needs. We also provide electric lift trolleys and vacuum lifting systems, so we have lifting machines that are ideal for any production systems or environments.

A Premier Material Handling Company

For more information on our premium lifting machines, call our head office in Heidelberg West, Victoria on 03 9457 8200.

  • ViperHoist

    Whether you need to use the hoist with a hook, a vacuum tool or a gripper tool, we have a hoist for your needs.

  • Vacuum Lifting Systems

    Lifting Bags, Sacks, Drums, Windows, Timber, Baggage, Cases & Cartons.

  • Need to Lift…

    Need to Lift Bags, Cartons, Crates, Drums, Metal, Timber, or Windows?

  • Lyftman Track System

    With four basic track sizes an optimized combination is always guaranteed.

  • Electric Lift Trolleys

    Lift Trolleys for Drums, Crates, Boxes, Rolls & Reals.

  • Bulk Bag Lift Frames

    Range of bulk bag lifting with a Safe Working Load up to 2000kg.