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Handling Reels at GLOBUS in Bankstown NSW

The Globus Group has developed a significant standing in the Packaging industry over the past 65 years, producing barrier film and bag technology, casings and processing equipment. The head office is in NSW.

In the process of meeting the highest standards, Globus have ISO certification and a culture for constant improvement in energy saving by minimising power usage and waste production. This flows onto best mechanisation of processes for the wellbeing of staff, by utilising assisted lifting systems wherever possible. For many years Globus have used Protema electric trolleys primarily for safely handling rolls of film.

The regularly carrying of items here to there in the workplace have been noted as responsible for strain injuries and accidents. Use of Protema lift trolleys prevents these situations from occurring.

Protema Lifts Trolleys have been developed specifically to deal with picking and ease-of-moving goods in situations where one or two people were previously expected to lift and carry items. In recent times, as ‘lifting mass’ and ‘periods of lift’ limitations have been nominated by OH&S rules for the safety of staff, this Protema trolley has been enhanced to suit a wide range of possible applications. These include gripping, rotating, lifting, reel & drum handling, tipping and transporting. The device offers safe lifting capabilities from 7kgs to 200kgs for mobile situations.

One very common use of the Protema trolley is to pick a roll of plastic film vertically from a box using the core gripper, transport it to a packaging machine, rotate it 90 degrees and feed it onto the former of the machine.

But at Globus, the reverse situation occurs, as seen in an attached photo. (Drawing off a roll onto a Protema trolley) The operator locates the Protema trolley shelf under a recently printed roll of film and then draws the roll off the former, and onto the Protema shelf. While this is occurring, the printing machine continues to feed out the next printed roll onto another former.

Another application uses a Tawi core gripper to pick a roll, wrap it, and present it for despatch. Here the core gripper attachment is mounted below a hoist for picking a roll, (extracting reel from former) moving it to the packaging desk, (reel to Packaging desk) then rotating it 90 degrees using the core gripper and moving it to be mounted vertically on the shipment trolley. (reel to delivery platform).

A Vacu-easylift is used to load out completed packages (Vacu-easylift to load out completed packages). Using finger-tip control, the operator is placing a box onto the load-out trolley. The connection is made using vacuum to lift and hold the package, then the ‘light weight’ track enables the load to be placed with precision.

Protema trolleys and Vacu-easylift from Sweden are supplied in Australia through Kockums Bulk Systems by the vacuum-assisted lifting team.


  • Tawi Core Gripper
  • Vacu-EasyLift
  • Protema Trolleys
  • Super Hygiene Discharge Station

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