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Hume Doors and Timber are a significant Australian manufacturer, with facilities in every mainland state and also in New Zealand.

They are the largest door manufacturer in Australia, from a commencement in Sydney over 50 years ago, and proudly 100% Australian owned, with over 800 employees.

Strong in-house OHS policies have ensured the protection of their workers. If a need arises, the equipment required is sought directly.

In the process, and to offer quality doors at an acceptable investment, Hume Doors have installed the latest high tech computer controlled machinery.

Eddie Luke, GM of the Lansvale plant in NSW said Hume Doors introduced vacuum assisted lifting systems around 8 years ago, to take the manual effort out of handling doors and components, and are sure these systems have saved many back injuries.

Kockums Bulk Systems have supplied a number of vacuum assisted lifting systems to Hume Doors, and adapted designs to suit their particular needs.

A recent unit installed by Kockums is located at the Lansvale plant.

The system is designed for moving doors after processing to a stacking operation.

This system has been especially adapted to give a clear access way for people and fork trucks.

In essence it has normal downshop rails and a bridge running on those rails. It was not practical to suspend the system from the roof as is often done, and Hume Doors did not want the outboard suspension columns creating a hazard.

So Kockums design team supplied an outrigger system, supporting the whole system from the inside columns beside the wall. The vacuum pump is located beside the wall also.

Significant productivity and safety result from quality handling equipment.


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