Vacuum Lifting Systems

  • Vacuum Lifting System

    The original vacuum lifter for lift and lower, rotate and tilt loads, using vacuum.

  • VacuEasyLift

    Manual vacuum lifter, which handles almost all types of loads.

  • VacuCobra

    Ergonomically designed for lifting boxed goods, slabs or cases up to 50 kg.

  • Sheets, Boards, Timber and Windows

    Weights of up to 270Kg can be lifted and manoeuvred easily and safely.

  • Drums, Rolls & Pails

    Ergonomic design in a simple to use effective solution.

  • Distribution Centres (High Speed)

    Lift boxes ergonomically and quickly with a safe grip.

  • Boxes, Cases & Cartons

    Makes light work of heavy boxes, with easy handling of large oversize cartons.

  • Bag and Sack Lifters

    Our suction feet are designed to handle all types of sacks.

  • Airport Baggage Lifter

    Takes the strain of this demanding work & eliminates manual handling.