Bag Filling

Bag Filling Machines

When it comes to bulk bag fillers, Kockums Bulk Systems has a range of options available for your business. Whatever bags you’re working with, these systems provide an easy and effective solution to get them filled up and ready to go. From fast sealing solutions like the Automatic Form Fill & Seal or the valve bag filling machines, through to automatic baling machines and open mouth bag filling systems – we have it all. We have manual and automatic options available and the capabilities of these machines ranges from cement handling and products through to animal feed and wood chips.

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For more information on our bulk bag fillers, call our head office in Heidelberg West, Victoria on 03 9457 8200.

  • Automatic Form Fill & Seal (HFFS)

    High speed bag filling system forming bags from a roll of tubular film.

  • Valve Bag Filling – Automatic

    High speed valve bag packing systems with optional ultrasonic sealing system.

  • Automatic Baling Machine

    Produces a compressed bale for Chaff, Wood shavings, animal bedding and animal feeds.

  • VFFS for Cementous Materials

    Waterproof bags for Concrete Pre-mix, Mortars, Sand, Aggregates, Grout, Lime & Gypsum.

  • VFFS for Growing Media

    High speed bagging for Soils, compost, mulch, bark, stones and gypsum.

  • Automatic Form Fill & Seal (VFFS)

    For high speed bag filling of powders, granuales and pellet type materials in bags formed from a roll of flat film.

  • Open Mouth Bag Filling – Automatic

    High speed, high quality and reliable fully automated bagging system.

  • Open Mouth Bag Filling – Manual

    Simply place the empty bag and automatically fill to the desired weight.