Automatic Baling Machine

  • Bales : 5-25kg
  • Bag Sizes : 10-80 litre (5kg to 50kg)
  • Bagging Rate : 15-30bpm
  • Baling Throughput : 3-8 compressed bales/minute
  • Changeover time : 15-20 minutes for different bale / bag sizes
  • Uninterrupted running time between film reel changes : 6-15 hours
  • Weight of plastic film reel = 500kg, changeover time 5-10 min
  • Handle making (small bags and small bales only)
  • Extra forming tubes for different bag/bale sizes

Automatic baling machine for chaff, wood shavings, animal bedding, horse feeds, grass and straw.

The Baling machine is the largest in the range of the B&C automatic form fill and seal bagging machines. Not only will is fill bales but the same unit can be utilised to perform conventional FFS bagging tasks such as potting mix, soils, sands, mulch, bark, fertilizers

As with the conventional FFS machines the bags start as a pre-printed flat roll of film which is loaded on the back of the filling machine. The film is simply fed through a series of rollers to the bale/bag forming tube. Multiple forming tubes can be hung on the machine for quick bag size changeover. Once the film is formed into the square bale shape, it is heat sealed closed at the back and bottom whilst the product is measured by weight or volume, and fed into the bag. At this point a hydraulic ram compresses the product into the bale prior the top seal being applied.

Bales from 5kg to 25kg, as well as 10 to 80 litre bags of loose product It includes an integral hydraulic bale former providing up to 4:1 compression for large bales and up to 8:1 for small bales.

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