Automatic Form Fill & Seal (HFFS)

  • Handles 5kg – 50kg bags
  • Rates of up to 2200bph.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low head room.
  • Minimal moving parts, low maintenance.
  • Easy access for clean down.
  • Fully guarded in accordance with Australian safety standards

The ASSAC range of automatic bagging machines have been specifically designed to form fill and seal bags from a roll of PE tubular film. It is capable of filling bags from 5kg to 50kg, with or without gussets, and can reach filling rates of up to 2200bph (subject to application details) when fed through a Payper high-speed net scale with acceleration pipe.

With a roll of tubular film in place and a product feed supply above the system offers fully automated bagging.

Apart from the high bagging rate other advantages of this type of system are as follows. The bagging machine is easy and quick to gain access and clean, in order to avoid “cross contamination’. The complete bagging machine is enclosed by a safety interlocked enclosure. Silos or other feeding systems can be placed at a lower position because the bagging machine is one of the shortest in its class. It means an important saving in supporting structure and access costs. It is suitable for those industries that require low outputs but changing batches frequently.

This style of bagging system has been utilised through the world for many applications. Some common products handled are plastic granules, beads and master batch and corrosives like products like fertilisers & salts

Some of these industries have specific needs and custom versions have been developed entailing specialist sealing, de-dusting systems for powders and pin hole punching

The result is a totally integrated and compact unit of high output capacity, high automation level and easy control for the user.

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