Automatic Form Fill & Seal (VFFS)

  • Fully automated bag filling.
  • Fills bags by weight or Volume
  • Fills bags from 50 x100mm at 60 bpm.
  • Fill 25kg or 50kg bags at 16 bpm.
  • Units available with multiple filling tubes to suit different size bags
  • Minimal moving parts, low maintenance
  • Easy access for clean down
  • Fully guarded in accordance with Australian safety standards
  • When combined with one of our automatic palletiser it is the ideal fully automatic bag filling, palletising and wrapping system

For more than a decade Kockums Bulk Systems have represented B&C based Italy who engineer and manufacture automatic Form Fill & Seal Machines (FFS) for filling plastic bags with granular or dusty products. The range comprises of three convention FFS machines covering the different bag sizes and a large Baling machine which is also capable of filling conventional bags.The bags start as a pre-printed flat roll of film which is loaded on the back of the filling machine. The film is simply fed through a series of rollers to the bag forming tube. Multiple forming tubes can be hung on the machine for quick bag size changeover. Once the film is formed into the bag shape, it is heat sealed closed at the back and bottom whilst the product is measured by weight or volume, and fed into the bag. The full bag is the shaken and the top seal and cut (at this time the bottom of the bag above is sealed). All this happens in 1-2 seconds allowing high outputs to be achieved.

Historically, and especially in Australia, this particular machine has be widely used for bagging potting mix, soils, sands, mulch, bark, and fertilizers. For handling the garden products special techniques are utilized to reliable handle the product from a front end loader hopper, through and DN Star high speed doser, through the bagger to the palletizing machine.

Other applications include bird seeds, kitty litter, pasta, rice and pet foods.

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