Open Mouth Bag Filling – Automatic

  • Automatic adjustments for quick product and bag changeovers
  • Total bag top control
  • Optimised dust control
  • PLC controlled with user-friendly human machine interfaces (HMI)
  • Easy – clean and – maintenance configurations
  • Compact design ideal for restricted packaging rooms
  • Fully integrated gross or nett weighing system

This open-mouth bag filler is suitable for bagging powdery bulk materials such as flour and other fine bulk materials that need to be densified or compacted. The systems are designed for applications between 5 and 50 kg per bag. The design flexibility permits quick and simple bag spout changeover.

The open-mouth bag filler’s carousels features two variants: 4 spout version for up to 550 bags per hour and 6 spout version for up to 900 bags per hour (depending on specification). The solid steel construction with low-maintenance components and assemblies guarantees high machine operational availability.

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