• Formers

    Careful and simple manufacturing, capable of shaping a wide range of carton sizes.

  • Packers

    With flexibility, versatility, and innovation at the forefront of Kockums range of machines, we offer top and side loading equipment.

  • Combi Blocks

    Flexible and versatile in the ever changing packaging market.

  • Shrink Wrap

    Compact designed shrink wrapping machines for product bundles.

  • Wrap Around

    Wrap around case packers in single or multi parts styles starting from flat blanks cardboard.

  • Pick and Place

    A variety of tailor made systems integrating specific purpose robots.

  • Multipacker

    A continuous motion packaging system where the packs overlap, eliminating the need for interlocking tabs.

  • Closers

    Close and seal the top and bottom carton flaps with hot-melt glue.