Combi Blocks

  • Up to 1200 cartons per hour
  • Up to 20 cartons/min
  • Optional stainless design for foods
  • Hot melt glue and tape sealing
  • High speed twin head loading
  • Fully adjustable option to accommodate today’s forever changing packaging
  • Small machine footprint


The machine automatically extracts American style cases from the magazine, open the cases, folds lower flaps and pushes them into the packing zone aligning with the pick-up device. Through belt conveyors cases are transported to a retractable platform.  The machine is supplied with an interchangeable pick-up device, according to product and format required, and can be equipped with many variations in pick-up devices in order to work with different types of products.  When necessary, the pick-up device can be adjustable in order to be more flexible and versatile in the ever changing packaging market.

After the format is removed from the pick-up, the motorized platform will slide forward allowing the formatted products to descend while the case is placed directly under the format.  After the cartoning procedure is completed, the case is evacuated. The process is completely automatic, managed and controlled in each stage through a P.L.C.



Combibox is a monoblock machine suitable to satisfy the bag-in-box manufacturers where space is limited but automation is required.  It removes the issue of hygiene while adding flexibility, innovation, and versatility to the process.


Combibox is a compact and engineering solid piece of equipment which includes, in a very limited space, three machines: a carton former, a bag cartoner and carton sealing.

For food use

The machine may be completely manufactured in a stainless steel allowing for its operation within the food manufacturing environments.

Hot melt or adhesive tape closure

It is possible for the machine to close the carton with either hot melt glue or tape.  Plus a combination of the two closing systems can also be accessed if required.



Cartoning monoblock station using the latest industry standards, with integrated erecting, packing and sealing sections for RSC cartons. Compact footprint is designed to work with different types of products, while minimising the space required.

Highly reliable

The reliability of the monoblock is a result of a basic movement system which is optimised by use of well recognised components and a Brushless motors system controlling the main movements.

Carton opening

Cartons magazine is placed perpendicular (90°) to the cartons direction, increasing the base line speed of the machine.  The carton forming is achieved, following the black be extracted from the magazine.  Once this has occurred, the carton erection is erected by a sweeping arm equipped with a vacuum system.  This allows for a quick and safe opening plus addressing the issue of difficult cartons.

High output

A dual head, “Twin” machine version is available for higher line speed requirements.  This is accomplished within the design of monoblock allowing for two pick up systems suitable for the product type.  The increase rate of production can reach speeds up to 1200 cartons/hour.

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