• Inclined carton hopper with weighted, locking stack pushers
  • Maintenance is minimal as lubrication is computer controlled
  • Integrated vacuum system for blanks removal and placement into flighted outfeed conveyor
  • Drive motor with AC variable frequency control
  • Lightweight feed bar assembly
  • Electrical overload protection for motor and pump
  • Front-mounted operator panel with digital speed readout
  • Fully automatic operation plus two-button jog control
  • Fully-enclosed barrier guarding with interlocked doors

Formec, Orion, Series ITS

With flexibility, versatility, and innovation as foundational pillars to our supply, Kockums offers a wide range of carton erecting equipment. Whether your requirement is for vertical or horizontal erecting, we offer either type. These pillars extend also to your preferred method of closure, resulting in both hot melt glue or adhesive tape being available.

Wide range of carton sizes

Offering the latest innovation in construction methods and highly recognised component supply allows all the erector to reliably produce a wide range of carton sizes, plus maintain that productivity over the extended life of the machine.

Continuous carton loading

The carton magazine is designed in such a way as it allows the carton blanks to be placed in the magazine while the machine is operating. An extended magazine can be selected which will increase the autonomous running time.

Fault-finding for quick resolution of any issues

The machine programme has a built in fault-finding diagnosis on screen to help solve any problems should they occur.  Kockums also offers a partner support for continual service, spares and customer service.


The machines are controlled by both servo and gear motors depending on the machine.  The appropriate control is matched with each customer’s specific need.  By utilising modern componentry, the machines operate to a high level of precision guaranteeing a consistently high production rate and professional finish.

Quick format change

The machine is quickly adapted to a new format with simple adjustments guided by a fully automatic machine change over or a precise hand wheel.  These are placed in easy to reach and easy to read positions. On request, the machine may be equipped with fully automatic change over operation, this is accomplished by selecting the new format carton located on the touch screen.

Suitable for:

  • Glass and P.E.T bottles
  • Tins
  • Glass jars
  • Plastic cylindrical and conical containers
  • Square and rectangular trays


  • Water and soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Wine and Liquors
  • Food
  • FMCG
  • Edible Oils
  • Lubricants
  • Chemicals

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.