• Forming and gluing of sides
  • Pick & place by anthropomorphic robot
  • Single or double pick head
  • Double infeed
  • Automatic change over

Pack 16, Packcombi, Meta 1, Meta 2/5, CM Series

With flexibility, versatility, and innovation at the forefront of Kockums range of machines, we offer top and side loading equipment.  These machine receive product from upstream conveyors, arrange the product in the required format, then insert the product into the carton.  We even offer head to toe packing as often required in the wine industry, plus an optional laydown feature.  No matter the configuration or orientation required for your product to be packed, we can accommodate.


These machines stand out as their origins are European technology and design, thereby ensuring a high level of automation and reliability. The manufacturing cycle is controlled and monitored at every phase by a P.L.C.  This allows for a constant feedback loop from the machine to the operator or controller, plus communications are available back to the manufacture, resulting in real time operational reports.


The machine is supplied with a single or double loading or pick-up system depending on the dimensions of the product being handled, in addition the machine can be fitted with a variety of supplementary pick-up systems to expand your flexibility without the investment in a new piece of equipment.

Ease of use

As the software is personalised to the product and the needs of each customer with an operator friendly control panel as the interface, the machine is ergonomic to use. The operator panel is fitted with an auto-diagnostic system with up to 40 signals to resolve quickly and easily any issue or related problem which may occur.

Minimal maintenance

As a critical aspect to the machine longevity, careful attention is paid to construction by using only long-lasting durable materials coupled with precision engineering.  This will ensure that your equipment meets with your expectations.


Optional Extras:

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Type of pick-up heads
  • Manually adjustable pick-up head
  • Movement to pack two layers
  • Product aligning device
  • Layer separation insertion
  • Carton base introduction
  • Carton separator inserter
  • Explosion proof version

Suitable for:

  • Pillow Bags
  • Soap
  • Trays
  • Bars
  • Napkins
  • Blisters
  • Tubes


  • Water and Soft drinks
  • Beer
  • Wine and Liquors
  • Food
  • FMCG
  • Edible Oils
  • Lubricants
  • Chemicals

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.