• Adjustable discharge height
  • High production rate
  • Operator friendly control panel
  • Simplified maintenance

Vega 60

Automatic sweep-off depalletiser for complete layers of product, composed of product support walls, double mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and the motorised layer transfer table.

Adjustable discharge height

The height of the product infeed belt to the filling machine is not a problem any more. Thanks to the mobile table, the machine can depalletise at every height ranging between the minimum and maximum pallet loading level.

In this way the machine can be easily fitted to different production lines as it is no more necessary for the discharging table to be at the same level as the lines themselves.

Automatic layerpad removal unit

The automatic work cycle of the depalletiser is completed by the automatic layerpad removal unit. It can be positioned both on the left and on the right side and, in certain cases, also in front of the machine, assuring in this way a high level of flexibility.


Vega 120

Automatic “push” depalletiser for pallets with layers of glass bottles, cans or other types of containers. The machine is composed of a two column portal structure through which the layer transfer trolley moves, fitted with mobile centring device, intermediate table and transfer trolley.

High production rate

The machine can work completely automatically if some devices are added, in addition with simplified movements and working with one full layer at a time, the depalletiser can work at high speed reaching an output up to 180 cycles per hour.

Dedicated “push” or “Pick-up” systems

Wide range of solution for depalletising each specific product.

Ease of use

As the software is personalised to the product and the needs of each customer with an operator friendly control panel, use is kept as simple as possible. The machine can quickly be adjusted to work with new products, be it a change in size or type, with minimal down time.

Simplified maintenance

With a simplified maintenance programme, quick supply of spare parts and on-line assistance available, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.