Pallet Handling

  • Capable of hooding up to 180 pallets/hr.
  • Include pallet height detection.
  • Offers a 5 sided waterproof seal.
  • The single film thickness is ideal for presentation or general inspection of the goods.
  • Cover fitting machine for palletised loads featuring heights of up to 2400 mm.
  • Optimum film consumption by means of calculation of the length of each individual hood

Pallet handling is often an overlooked, awkward and OH&S risk with the workplace, especially when fork lift availability maybe limited.

As part of our Palletising range we offer full pallet handling systems which include dispensers, chain and roller conveyors, diverters, lift tables and slip sheet applicators.

Pallet dispensers and stackers can also be supplied as standalone units and Vacuum Lifters to aid localised handling by the operator.


Pallet Handling Ancillaries

As system integrators the finer details in bag and pallet handling are often as important as the major equipment items.

Once bags have been filled they often require further manipulation like, densification, kicking bags form vertical to horizontal, bag turning and flattening. Also will as check weighing, bag printing, metal detection and bag reject systems are available.

Pallet handling often starts with a pallet dispenser which is replenished by fork lift truck. Individual pallets are then indexed into process in a controlled manner and slip sheets applied if necessary. The correct method of pallet conveying should be carefully selected following a detailed assessment of the pallet or pallets if more than one type is to be used. Pallets are often turned, squared or pushed towards a datum.

As small as all these details may appear individually they are critical in providing the best possible reliably solution.

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