Conventional Palletising

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High level Palletising System

If you need the perfect bag stack on a pallet at up to 4000bph then look no further! The modular heavy duty High Level Palletiser comprises a bag infeed with pre-layer forming system and layer squeezing for the perfect pallet stack. This method of palletizing is ideal for rates of up to 4000 bags per hour and will accommodate almost any bag type.

Bags are fed to the palletiser via an infeed belt conveyor at high level above pallet. At this point each bag is either moved, turned or side shifted to the appropriate position to allow pre-forming of the basic layer layout. Then the complete layer is quickly pushed sideways to a position directly above the pallet where it is gently squeezed into shape (identical to the pallet size) and the stripper plates removed leaving the complete layer on the pallet. Then, as the next layer is applied to the stack the prior layer is gently pressed from above to ensure the stack is pressed and has a flat top for improved stability.

Simultaneously whilst the bags are being manipulated and palletized the pallet handling is from the pallet dispenser through slip sheet applicator and to the pallet accumulation is being performed.

The system is fully programmable accommodating different bags, layer and pallet parameters as well and adjustment to the bag manipulation (squeezing).



  • Up to 4000bph
  • Perfect pallet stacks
  • Gentle squeezing of layers
  • Fully automatic
  • Fully programmable
  • Fully guarded to AS4024-1
  • Options for multiple pallet types
  • Option for slip sheet application
  • Options for Automatic wrapping
  • Local supported in Australia


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