Wrapping & Hooding

  • Hooding White Goods

    Obtain superior results, from an aesthetic and economic side.

  • Hooding Sacks

    Allows total protection against rain and dust without the need for top sheets.

  • Hooding Food & Beverages

    Capacity per hour beyond 80 p/h.

  • Hooding Building Supplies

    Operates without flames or warm air, and it is suitable for any kind of product.

  • Hooding Bags

    Stretch Hooding is the most innovative product available on the packing market.

  • Hooding Film

    Choosing the right film for your hooding machine improves relaibility and end of the line productivity.

  • Hooding Machines

    For high speed, 5 sided water proofing, load security and perfect presenattion.

  • Rotary Arm Wrappers

    A medium to high capacity wrapping system ideal for unstable loads.

  • Rotary Table Wrappers

    A low to medium capacity wrapping system for sacks, cartons, crates, drums, boxes and others.