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The Stretch Hooder FB 1000 with patented systems is a stretch cold extension machine working with the capability to have up to 3 different reels of stretch tubular film. It has a capacity per hour beyond 80 p/h. The stretch hooding operates without flames or warm air, and it is suitable for any kind of product.

In this system, there are all the qualities from the heat-shrink system: pallet seal, protection from atmospheric agents (water and dust) and good handling of the stretch film. Moreover, it allows BOCEDI to package different styles of pallets, with different perimeter measurements, and to obtain superior results, from an esthetic and economic side.

The machine is available in two models, according to the application needs.


The Advantages of Stretch Tubular coil compared to heat shrink-wrap hoods and the use of stretch film.

Stretch Hooding is the most innovative product available on the packing market because:

  • It protects the environment. It doesn’t cause combustion fumes and is made of 100% recyclable PE
  • It provides an excellent five sided pallet seal. The material’s intrinsic elastic grip not only guarantees superior transversal seal but also vertical pallet seal, not offered by systems using stretch film
  • It is an aid for safety in the workplace. It eliminates the risk of fire and explosion linked to the use of heat shrink-wrap
  • It safeguards pallet protection. Stretch tubular coil offers the possibility of achieving hoods anchored to the bottom of the pallet, guaranteeing total protection against dust, rain and humidity, to which pallets wrapped with stretch film are subject.


Advantages compared to heat shrink-wrap hoods.

Heat shrink-wrap hoods need:

  • Heat-shrink oven: a source of heat using gas which can proved a hazard and is costly due to its consumption of gas and for the control of fumes
  • Heat-shrink material: the specifications vary according to the type of pallet and shrink-wrapping. The size of these tubular coils is always larger than the pallet sizes. It must be very thick if the pallet itself lacks good intrinsic stability and you need to increase its resistance to tearing.
  • Maintenance: high running costs and continuous adjustment in order to optimise machine performance. Stretch tubular coil can be used with an automatic stretch machine, exploiting the benefits of its greater elasticity and grip in addition to its increased strength and resistance to tears. In this way, it is only possible to completely encase a pallet with mechanical movements with a high-strength hood. Stretch tubular coil is also enhanced with additives for protection against UV for long periods of exposure. The comparison of the weights of heat-shrink hood and stretch hood shows that there are obvious savings in the weight of material: combined with the benefits of not needing a heat source in the production line, it makes this system even more cost-effective.

Advantages compared to the use of stretch film:

  • Protection: allows total protection against rain and dust without the need for top sheets
  • Perfect seal: guarantees superior pallet seal thanks to its transversal elastic grip. Furthermore, it doesn’t squash the product due to excessive corner pressure.
  • Appearance: the shape of pallets looks more uniform with a smoother and softer outer surface making it easier to read any logos or other information written on the packed product, easier to handle, manoeuvre and stack pallets without causing tears.



  • Capable of hooding up to 180 pallets/hr.
  • Include pallet height detection.
  • Offers a 5 sided waterproof seal.
  • The single film thickness is ideal for presentation or general inspection of the goods.
  • Cover fitting machine for palletised loads featuring heights of up to 2400 mm.
  • Optimum film consumption by means of calculation of the length of each individual hood


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