Powder Handling

  • Container Unloading

    A dense phase conveying system for unloading standard ISO containers of bulk solids.

  • Bulk Bag Handling

    Bulk Bag Conditioning, Filling & Unloading.

  • Bag Emptying

    Manual Bag Dump Station, Waste Bag Compactor & Automatic Bag Opener.

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

    IBC Discharging, Filling, Wash Station, Autobin, Autobox & Cone Valve

  • Hopper & Silo Ancillaries

    Dust Filters, Relief Valves, Solimar Fluidisers, Tanker Filling Spout & SonoPulse Discharge System.

  • Locomotive Sanding

    A easy, clean and safe way to transfer sand directly form storage into the locomotive sanding box.

  • Lump Breaking

    Lump Breakers, Sievmaster Disintegrader, Coir Milling & Rehydrating.

  • Mechanical Conveying

    Flexible Conveying, Aero Mechanical Conveyor & Olds Elevator.

  • Pneumatic Conveying

    Dense Phase, Lean Phase, Microveyor, Wing Compressor & Vacuum Conveyor.

  • Mixing

    Batch Mixers & Continuous Mixers.

  • Recipe Batching Systems

    Batch Weighing Systems & Flexible Wall Feeders.

  • Sieving and Sifting

    Sievmaster Easilift, Multiscreen, Rota Series & Slimline Range.

  • Tanker Blowers

    Wing Compressors for Dry Bulk Tanker Unloading.

  • Turnkey Systems

    Unique Solutions, Full Engineering Design, Installation, Commissioning & After Sales Support.

  • Valves and Flexible Couplings

    Clyde Dome, Posiflate, Sole, tablet, Rotary, Double & Diverter Valves.