Automatic Bag Opener

  • Up to 600 bags an hour (10 per min)
  • Suitable for nearly all bag types
  • Integral dust management system
  • Internal waste bag compactor
  • Hinged access doors for inspection, cleaning or maintenance
  • Supplied with bag infeed conveyors
  • Vacuum lifting systems
  • Downstream conveying systems

Since the 80’s Kockums Bulk Systems have been involved with the supply of bag emptying systems into industry.

The K400 has been developed to accommodate a broad range of bags yet remain simple in concept and operation and therefore providing a highly reliable solution.

The K400 is a heavy duty bag emptier with efficient separation of the bag remnants from the material with negligible product carry-over. The typical operating rates for this system range from 100 to 600bph subject to bag construction and the product being handled.

The system operates by feeding bags down through an in-feed chute. The bag slides down the chute and through a series of rotating blades. The bag is slit along its length on top and/or bottom prior to entering a trommel drum. The rotating trommel drum is a perforated tube that gentle tumbles the open bag, the powder separated from the bag and drops through the perforations into the feed hopper below. The waste bag then continues on towards the bag compactor where it is compressed into a sealed “sausage “type waste bag for clean and easy disposal.

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