Manual Bag Dump Station

  • Generously sized
  • Ergonomic design
  • Integral dust extraction system
  • Internal waste bag compactor
  • Front hinged door
  • Extra wide versions for large sacks of light materials
  • Vacuum lifters
  • Downstream conveying systems

Kockums K40 Bag Dump station is a generously sized and ergonomically design enclosure for easy and safe emptying of bags. The system is available with integral dust management system and waste bag compactor for clean and contained disposal of the empty sacks. This bag tipping system is  capable of handling between 40 to 80 bags per hour, but higher rates may be achieved with efficient operators.

The bag is positioned onto the resting shelf by the operator, the side of the bag is manually cut with a knife, and the sack rolled over, emptying its contents. The product then drops through the safety grill on top of the feed hopper and the waste bag is simply passed over the rear shelf where it falls into the bag compactor. The waste bags are then compressed into a sealed “sausage “type waste bag for clean and easy disposal. Any dust generation is drawn away from the operator by either the integral dust extraction system or an in-house dust management system.

To minimise the risk of operator injuries associated with the lifting of bags, KBS highly recommend the use of our Vacuum assisted bag lifter and/or incorporate scissor lift and slip tables.

Bag tipping stations may be supplied in either our “fit for purpose” standard build quality or customised to accommodate specific project needs. Kockums Bulk Systems have a wide range of conveying and process equipment to accommodate downstream needs.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative for you in any Australian state.