Sievmaster Easilift

  • Power lift hood - no heavy lifting or awkward sleeve connections
  • Mobile stands for greater flexibility
  • FDA approved materials of construction
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • No tool quick change screens
  • Dust & hose proof IP67
  • Easy clean design, no crevices
  • Noise level less than 70 dBA in use
  • Sack rest table for easy dispensing

The ‘Sievmaster Easilift’ dispensing station can be used as as simple means of check sieving into bins or containers. Used with the optional wheeled base assembly, it makes an ideal arrangement to sieve ingredients in small or large volumes. To check sieve product into a static weigh bin, convey system or mixer the unit can be located above the inlet to provide an efficient and fast means of ensuring product reliability.

Most sacktipping units required an operator to lift off the hood manually to gain full access to the sieve unit, the Easilift now has a flip top hood which is powered so there is no lifting required to open the unit, the hood is also designed to take a 25kg sack across its length making it easier to split and tip the sack into the sieve below. The sieve unit below has a self-sealing silicone diaphragm that provides for a dust tight interface without the need for awkward sleeves. Units can be configured to suit the customer installation and is compatible with the Slimline 550 & 950 sieve units depending upon throughput requirements. The hood for the Sievmaster 950 can be designed to allow 2 operators to tip into one dusthood & sieve unit.

Our dusthoods are ergonomically designed to allow operators to open sacks easily on the sack rest table, the sieve mesh is protected by large griddle section. The unit is designed to fit the containers it is discharging into and if the tip height is too high we can provide either a flip out platform or a gantry next to the unit. All the hoods have a dust extraction port, extraction systems & dedicated units can be sourced if needed.

When discharging powder from the unit we have introduced a new container dust suppression lid. The lid is designed to a specific height of container and as the bin is placed under the outlet the trapezoidal action seals the top of the container.nThe outlet of the station can also be connected to mechanical & pneumatic convey systems, or simply connected to a mixer inlet or other process equipment.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.