Waste Bag Compactor

  • Customised infeed chutes
  • Simple and robust
  • Minimise operators to dust residue
  • Reduce the volume of your waste disposal
  • Mobile systems on castors

Waste Bag Compactor - Need to manage your waste bags?

Kockums Bulk Systems K20 screw type waste bag compactor is generally supplied as an integral part of our manual or automated bag opening systems. However, on occasions they are supplied as standalone units providing a simple and safe method of disposing waste bags, paper, plastic, foil and other non-rigid materials.

Waste is simply feed into the machine through the feed chute, either manually or automatically. It is then compacted by the auger and extruded out of the exit chute into a sealed “sausage “type waste bag for clean disposal. This fully contained compaction process means that the operator has minimal exposure to the dust residue that is released when handling empty sacks and the sack residue is compressed into a sealed system for waste disposal.

The K20 may be located on a lower floor for ease of the bag residue disposal from an elevated platform. Bags are fed down a vertical chute into the K20.

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