Bulk Bag Filling (Manual)

  • Suitable for Trade Weight Approval.
  • High accuracy hang weigh system.
  • May accommodate different bulk bags sizes.
  • Single sided empty bag loading.
  • Inflateable neck seal.
  • Bulk bag inflation.
  • Full dust containment.
  • Dust collection with dust returned to bag
  • Product densification systems.
  • Wide range of product control and metering devices.
  • Forklift removal without the need for driver to leave seat.
  • Automatic bag release for high throughput systems.

The BULKAFIL range of bulk bag filling systems offer a wide range of options from basic systems right through to highly automated filling. The main design focus for this equipment is easy operator interface, dust containment and accurate repeatable filling of bags by weight.

The operator simply loads the empty bulk bag from a single side by hanging it on a sliding carriage. The carriage is then returned to the filling position.

Once the bag has been filled, removal is equally as simple. A forklift truck with an empty pallet takes the weight of the bag from the loops by lifting from below. The fork lift may then simply reverse away allowing the loops to fall free without operator intervention.

For dust containment the bulk bag neck is securely clamped by an inflatable seal. Any dust generated will be contained within, and managed by either venting to an integral dust filtering system or connection to the client's central dust collection system.

The Bulkafil bulk bag fillers utilises a Trade Approved hang weighing type system providing repeatable high accuracy when filling the bag. A suitable upstream product 'control device' will be selected to match application requirements. Common meter devices include Rotary valves, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors or Butterfly valves.

The hang weigh system also allows bags of different weights and sizes to be easily accommodated.

The modular design of the Bulkafil allows options such as integral dust collection, product sampling, bag inflation, product densification and automated bag eject systems may be simply included with the original supply or as a future upgrade.

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