Bulk Bag Unloading

  • Fork lift and hoist loading.
  • Adjustable height system for different bulk bags.
  • Discharge hoppers or bag massage systems.
  • Knives to cut bulk bags open.
  • Combined sack tipping facility.
  • Vibration to promote flow.
  • Safe operator access to untie the bag.
  • Integrated dust management system eliminating product wastage.
  • Dust suppression membrane.
  • Loss of weigh system.
  • Certified lifting frame.
  • Liner tensioning.

Bulk bag unloaders are some of the many systems and solutions that Kockums Bulk Systems excel at. They have a range of benefits in a variety of different industries, and when it comes to bulk material handling, we produce quality that stands out above the competition. We offer ongoing maintenance and training services so you can make the most of your new systems.


Safe Bag Handling

We recognise that with today’s large variety of bulk bags, there is no single solution when it comes to emptying them. Our focus is based on safe bag handling and dust management, and we have many options available to meet different budgets and performance requirements. Whatever your needs, having a chat to our experts will result in a custom piece of machinery that best suits your requirements.


How We Work

No matter what you’re using your system for, each application is carefully assessed. We will help you select from a range of hoppers and/or bag massage systems so you have the most reliable method of promoting product flow.


Two Styles of Dischargers

There are two different styles of bulk bag dischargers available, these load by hoist or forklift truck. These systems can handle anything from sand and titanium dioxide to the sanitary requirements of the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. The bulk bag unloader can be designed to accommodate single trips, multi trips, lined and unlined bags, and even those that require earthing to manage static electricity.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.