Bayswater Power Station

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Fly Ash Collection and Transfer at 300 tonne per hour.

Bayswater Thermal Power Station in the Hunter Valley in NSW is a base load power station, which operates under full load 24 hours per day.

Most of the residue ash from the coal burned in the boilers is collected as fly ash and pneumatically transferred to silos at the outer perimeter of the station, then pumped a further 11 km as a high solids slurry to a disused open cut.

Kockums Bulk Systems (KBS) are proud of the retrofit solution developed to handle the fly ash from Bayswater, recognized as the largest inland pneumatic conveying application in Australia.

The power station has four 660 MW boilers that produce fly ash and bottom ash. Fly ash is collected in the filters, and fed down air activated conveyors to a total of 32 purpose built Kockums Collection Vessels in the first stage, which pneumatically transfer the ash distances up to 650 metres to an Intermediate Silo.

The second stage conveys ash from the Intermediate Silo to the two Main Silos a distance of 850 metre away. Under the uniquely designed low height Intermediate Silo, three Kockums KTL vessels are located which feed twin 250 mm lines to convey the ash to the Main Silos. The system was designed for very low dense-phase pipeline velocities, essential to ensure longest life of pipelines, bends and components.

SonoPulse Silo Aeration Systems have been fitted to all silos, as the fly ash at Bayswater was known to pack very tightly in hoppers, resisting standard aeration techniques. SonoPulse will move very difficult and super fine powders, and in most cases is the ultimate solution.

KBS project capacity was demonstrated by being given the responsibility for design and supply of equipment, while also operating as the Pneumatic Conveying Consultant on this $30M project. This application also establishes KBS ability to interface with a number of designers and engineers on a complex and fast track project, which was administered by John Holland Constructions.

Kockums operate the largest full scale in-house pneumatic conveying test rig in Australia and together with over 40 years experience and a modern CAD design office, are able to design and develop systems, right at the leading edge of powder handling applications.


  • Kockums Pneumatic Conveying Vessels
  • Sonoforce Silo Aeration System
  • Posi-flate Inflatable Seat Butterfly Valves
  • Kockums POS Series Extra Heavy Duty Diverters

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