Cement Handling

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Kockums have specialised in handling cement, fly ash and other fine abrasive powders for the past 4 decades, with major systems in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Kockums have supplied many dense phase powder conveying systems, excelling in cement, fly ash, lime and chemical products.

Pneumatic conveying equipment has been supplied throughout the cement companies, and many coal fired power stations in Australasia. e.g. Bayswater, Vales Point, Swanbank, Mt. Piper, Millmerran etc

Highly experienced staff in pneumatic conveying systems.

History and experience of the staff relate back to the 1967 fitting out and commissioning of the first East Coast Cement Vessel, the Burwah, carrying 3,200 tonne of cement from Tasmania to Sydney and Melbourne. This vessel unloaded at 400 tonne per hour and had the remarkable low figure of 1.4 kW.hr/ tonne of product transferred.

A significant program of R&D in powder handling equipment.

Regular contact with international developments in powder handling fields.

Agents for highly successful valves for long service life, including Clyde Dome valves and Posiflate valves both with inflatable seats.

The Ultimate pulsed aeration system, using minimum energy and outstanding for fine fly ash material, even in large silos.

Significant experience to give customer system concept assistance, state-of-art high level equipment efficiency design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.
Some major projects:

  • The dry fly ash collection system at Bayswater ( Hunter Valley , NSW) power station, a 15,000 MW base load station, transferring ash 1.5kM at 300 tonne per hour
  • The equipment to transfer the cement onto Lantau Island for the mammoth new Hong Kong Airport. The two systems operated at 160 tonne per hour vacuuming from the holds of barges and transferring onto the island.
  • Cement board dust and trimmings recovery, processing and feed back into the system for James Hardie.
  • The total lime transport and supply system for Ranger Uranium. Lime for this project originally came from ABC in South Australia.
  • The initial 30 pneumatic bulk wagons for Western Mining for nickel concentrate transport from Kambalda to Kwinana, designed to unload at 200 tonne per hour.
  • The Dry’s Handling System on the North West Shelf for Woodside-BHP.


  • Dense Phase Conveying

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