Container Unloading

  • 20-30 tonnes per hour
  • Skid Mounted for mobility
  • Heavy duty design to AS1210
  • Ideal for rugged environments like the Mining and Cement Industries
  • Ideal for abrasive products
  • A wide range of valve options

Custom-Built Container Unloading Machines

For over 20 years, the team at Kockums Bulk Systems has been involved with supplying container unloading systems, and in more recent years, the potential of utilising standard ISO freight containers for storage and shipping of bulk solids has been more recognised. The handling of bulk powders such as flour, magnesium oxide, fly ash, cement, and many others has been limited by the difficulty of retrieving the powders, which compact and consolidate.


Two Fundamental Concepts

When it comes to material handling and handling products within shipping containers, there are two fundamental concepts. Either the use of dedicated purpose-built containers or utilising standard ISO freight containers. In both cases, tipping the container has always been seen as necessary, but flow may only be guaranteed if the powder is fluidised by mechanical or, more preferably, by aeration techniques.


Purpose Built Containers

These are a significant investment and limited in general freight usage because they may not be off hired. Purpose built containers are usually dedicated to a specific supply and returned to the source empty. They’re designed to have the in-built product flow devices and rigid discharge connections.


ISO Freight Containers

When utilising ISO freight containers, a polyethylene container liner, cardboard bulkheads, and a fluidising system must be installed each time to provide a central discharge point and to promote product flow. These are often priced for single use and are then disposed of or recycled.


Kockums Bulk Systems Solution

Our focus is on the actual conveying equipment, and we have developed the KTV75 “Suck and Blow” conveying vessel. This conveying system connects to both the container’s bulkhead and destination silo infeed line. It is then tipped and the product is fluidised. With the vacuum assistance, the conveying vessel is filled. Once full, conventional positive pressure is utilised to transfer the product to the destination. We offer ongoing technical support, maintenance services, and training on all our products so you can have peace of mind when considering the KTV75 conveying vessel.


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