SonoPulse Discharge System

  • Guaranteed Discharge (subject to trials)
  • Easy to fit in new or old hoppers and silos
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • Easily automated with the downstream process
  • May be customised to meet application requirements
  • Highly efficient, using minimal air

SonoPulse Silo Discharging System - VIBRATE THE POWDER NOT THE SILO.

This discharge system has been developed for effective loosening and aeration of material in silos. In this case, the activator operates by means of rapid compressed air impulses from a wholly pneumatic pulsator. A panel activator is used both to inject the pulsating air into the powdered material and to distribute it with optimal effect.

The air that is blown in is thus finely distributed so that it forms a slip surface over the activator cloth, and the vibrations in the air ensure that the particles are easily displaced. This combination results in especially efficient emptying; the mass of material is set in uniform movement, and it shows a minimal tendency to segregate.

Kockums SonoPulse silo discharge system is the ultimate solution for handling all fine powders, freeing up tightly packed ultra fine powders. Effective ‘mass flow’ is initiated in the silo.

SonoPulse has been used to dump powders quickly for filling a road tanker in 4 minutes, or it may be used to provide a controlled and consistent feed into process applications even when low rates are desired.

This system is highly flexible, as the size, shape and location of the panels may be adapted to both the design of the silo and to the type of material. As a result, an optimal solution may be planned for any given situation. Other advantages of this system include ease of installation or retrofit in steel or concrete silos, with straight or curved sides.


Why Fluidize?

A number of different vibration systems for emptying silos are available on today’s market. The trouble with most of them is that they generate vibration which means that both the foundations and the structure are exposed to stress which will ultimately result in fatigue. What’s more, there is a relatively large risk of packing and bridging.

The ideal technique involves loosening the material effectively so that it runs, and this is called fluidization. Fluidized material runs easily out of the container, while it also facilitates subsequent transport through piping systems. A commonly used method of fluidizing the contents of a silo is to introduce fine streams of air into the material in order to separate the individual particles. But this method is not always completely successful; the air often has the effect of simply forming a central ‘rat’ hole, so that emptying is interrupted. Pulsating fluidization is a further development of this process. SonoPulse enriches the air introduced into the silo with vibrations in the form of fluctuations in pressure. This enables the effective loosening of the material, and at the same time to make sure that it is mainly the material and not the silo that vibrates. The result: Fast and effective emptying.

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