IBC – Autobin

  • Available in a range of sizes from 0.5 m³ to 2.5m³ in polythene and larger units in steel
  • Stainless steel, Polythene, or mild steel containers
  • Ability to "pulse" the cone to promote product flow
  • Capable of metering directly into process
  • Automated filling and discharging
  • Stackable for space saving storage
  • Easy to remove partially empty IBC’s
  • Fit two IBC's across a truck width
  • Poly bottles may be colour coded
  • Wash stations available

As the name implies, IBC’s are rigid containers, which fill the gap between industrial packaging such as drums and sacks, and bulk transport such as road tankers. IBC’s are available in standard capacities of between 0.5m³ and 2.5m³ and are available in Polythene, mild steel or stainless steel construction.

The use of bins for solids is often problematic because conventional valves and discharge devices have only limited application and are often unable to completely discharge the contents. One valve that has solved these problems is our simple and effective clean design “CONE VALVE”.

Common applications for the IBC's are where cross contamination and/or cleaning are of high concern. Glutens, allergens, flavourings, toxics and poisons often fall into this category.



Once a recipe is prepared transferring it from a mixer to a packing line can often be an area of concern. Placing an IBC under the mixer (or hopper), allows collection of the complete batch. A telescopic fill spout ensures a sealed connection is made. Once full  transfer by fork lift truck to the packing line where it can be discharge. Once discharge the IBC can be taken to the wash station. The alternative is to use another conveying method which is not only going to be difficult to clean but will cause downtime too.

The IBC is positioned onto a Discharge station where an actuated probe is located. The probe may be controlled manual or fully automatically and may incorporate custom settings to suit particular product needs. The pulsing action of the probe activates the “CONE VALVE” within the IBC promoting mass product flow, preventing bridges, rat-holes and product segregation. The steep sided smooth conical hopper means that even very sticky materials may be successfully handled. IBC's may be fully or partially emptied leaving minimal in-flight material residue and allowing quick product change over. Direct and accurate metering into process is a common application.


Storage and Traceability

IBC's are supplied complete with an external supporting frame from which lifting is performed. This frame allows safe stacking of the IBC's up to three high minimising floor space and increasing storage capabilities. External tagging, labelling or colour coding of the IBC's assists inventory monitoring, traceability and sampling. IBC's are fully sealed preventing ingress of moisture and vermin, for short or long term storage. They may be used for road transport applications in place of road tankers. Also product runs may be stored for sample testing prior to final processing or bagging. Nitrogen purging is also possible.



After loading ingredients into the IBC they may be mixed using a rotating station. The IBC is secured in place and tumbled for a suitable time for mixing to occur. The rotator will be supplied fully guarded to comply with the Safety of Machinery standard AS4024.



IBC's may be a manual or automated process. Both wet and dry cleaning are possible, meeting the sanitary and hygienic expectations of many industries. Fully automated washing and drying stations are also available and include programmable cycles including pre-washing, detergent wash, rinsing and drying.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.