IBC – Autobox

  • Allows non flowing powders and granules to be removed from IBC box dust free
  • Not necessary to double handle product
  • May be partially emptied
  • Box becomes part of process hopper
  • The use of collapsible boxes reduces packaging and minimizes return costs

The AUTOBOX System is based on a conical hopper attachment for a collapsible IBC Box and utilises our “CONE VALVE” technology. It has invented and patented by KBS/ Control Automation to allow powder products that are delivered in this method of packaging to be metered directly into process from the box without dust emissions or double handling.

The upturned conical hopper is clamped to the IBC box and then turned through 180 degrees with a rotary inverter. Once inverted, the box becomes a conventional IBC and may be taken by forklift to a discharge station where an actuated probe is located. The probe may be controlled manual or fully automatically and may incorporate custom settings to suit particular product needs. The pulsing action of the probe activates the “CONE VALVE” within the IBC promoting mass product flow, preventing bridges, rat-holes and product segregation. IBC's may be fully or partially emptied leaving minimal in-flight material residue and allowing quick product change over. Direct and accurate metering into process is a common application.

Once the IBC has been emptied, it is again inverted, the hopper removed, the liner disposed of and the box collapsed ready for return transportation.

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