IBC – Wash Station

  • Available in a range of sizes from 0.5 m³ to 2.5m³ in polythene and larger units in steel
  • Stainless steel, Polythene, or mild steel containers
  • Ability to "pulse" the cone to promote product flow
  • Capable of metering directly into process
  • Automated filling and discharging
  • Stackable for space saving storage
  • Easy to remove partially empty IBC’s
  • Fit two IBC's across a truck width
  • Poly bottles may be colour coded
  • Wash stations available

After an IBC has finished being used it is somewhat self-cleaning to the point that there are no pockets where material can accumulate. It can be dry cleaned by vacuuming or wiping, however for thoseapplications where allergens, glutens, poisons or toxic materials are present an increase level of cleaning may be required. Kockums offer a fully automated cleaning station complete with hot water kitchen. The IBC is placed on the wash station, the upper and lower cleaning heads engage and the cleaning cycle commences. The wash cycle is fully programmable allowing for rinsing, detergent wash sanitising and drying of the IBC. Final rinse water can be collected and reused at the start of the next cycle to minimise water usage. It is common after cleaning for swab tests to be performed for QC purposes.

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