Locomotive Sanding

  • Simple to use
  • Dust management system
  • Gentle on the sand granule
  • Modular design, customisable

Kockums Bulk Systems have been designing and building locomotive sanding systems since the 90's. They were originally based on our extensive experience in dense phase pneumatic conveying, and this particular application for sanding locomotives called for us to develop a super dense phase low velocity system to prevent damage to the sand.


System configuration.

Normally the sand is delivered by bulk road tanker but occasionally by bulk bag in remote locations. Sand is received and decanted into local storage silo(s) or track side hoppers local transfer units. Once track side the sand is available on call and can be blown directly into the locomotive sanding box.


Why pneumatically convey?

Our focus has been on pneumatic sanding system for the following reasons:

  • The convenience of a conveying line means that positioning of system componentry can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of each application and will easily fit in with other local equipment or structures and accommodate any locomotive type.
  • Our system is easy system to change or add future expansions.
  • Techniques used for conveying sand are based on super low velocity dense phase conveying. Low velocity conveying minimised system wear and product degradation, delivering sand in a controlled safe manner.
  • Unlike gravity fed systems, no high level expensive support structure or access is required in the provisions building.
  • The system can easily be full locked out preventing accidental or unwarranted sand release.
  • Once a locomotive has stopped for filling all the sanding boxes are all within reach including when multiple locomotives are coupled together. There is no need to move the locomotive therefore removing the associated safety risks.
  • Hoses can be angled horizontally to clear obstructions and still maintain product flow unlike gravity feed system where product flow stops.
  • Sand can be delivered above and below the operator platform level.

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