Lump Breakers

  • Robust simple construction
  • Screen of 1.6mm upwards
  • Removable screens
  • Replaceable hardened blades and shear bars
  • Mild steel or stainless steel
  • Low maintenance

The Rotary Lump Breaker has been designed for breaking up friable lumps and agglomerates that have formed in dry powders and granules. Lump breakers are commonly used to process powders prior to pneumatic conveying, sifting, blending and feeding, and may be installed in chutes, ducts and conveying systems. They may also be fitted with a hopper for batching operations. On some products, lump breakers may even be used for size reduction. The Lump Breakers have been successfully applied in industries such as Food, Confectionery Chemical, Fertilisers, Plastics and Gypsum.


Technical Characteristics

Model Power
Approx Capacity
Sizes [mm]
RGM.3/3 3 30 290 752 296 420 320 420
RGM.5/5 5.5 90 290 948 341 600 500 600
RGM.8/5 6  –  8 145 290 1510 296 – 341 917.5 817.5 600

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