Sievmaster Disintegrader

  • Lumpbreak, kibble & sieve product in one unit
  • Mobile stands for greater felxibility
  • Quick change screens
  • Internal parts strip down with no tools
  • Rapid clean down between batches
  • Full validation packages for Food/Pharma
  • Extended feed auger for agglomeration break down
  • 316 stanless steel unit
  • Electro polished or bead blast finishes

Farleygreene’s latest addition to their vast sieving range is the ‘Sievmaster DISINTEGRADER’ lump breaker. This machine has the additional benefit of not only breaking down product but sieving it within the same machine, ensuring product is correctly sized for the next part of the process. As with all Farleygreene sieving machines this unit is designed to integrate into differing process facilities. Using modular construction, these rugged machines can be adapted to suit most users’ environments. The machine is particularly useful where it is required to break down product into a known size - breaking biscuits, reducing lumpy powders, separating dried fruits, reconstituting products, etc. etc. Even wet products can be successfully processed.

The ‘Sievmaster DISINTEGRADER’ has a table rest, to allow bags or boxes to be dispensed into the lidded compartment, where it is ‘disintegraded’, the internal auger feeds the broken material into the ‘grader’ section of the machine for sieving. The classified product is then directed to a vacuum pipe (optional) to connect it to the next process point. Any product that is not reduced to the correct size is ejected via the oversize outlet.

Health and safety is one of the main issues when using such equipment and the ‘disintegrader’ is fully safety interlocked on all possible access covers. It is supplied in an all stainless steel format with air purged seals as standard, is very easily dismantled without special tools for cleaning and can equally be located within a mobile stand or fixed within a process line. When fitted into a system it can be flood fed and will operate at high throughput rates, thus providing the user with a constant uninterrupted flow of useable material.

The Disintegrader can be fed manually or by using any type of conveyor, whether mechanical or pneumatic.

Outlets can also be configured to allow sieved material to discharge into any conveyor type as listed above or simply into a container. A Multiscreen grading separator can also be placed underneath to provide up to 5 grades of product sizes. The unit will deal with almost any product and test can be carried out to determine the screen size to allow the optimum solution.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.