Wing Compressor

  • Airflows from 2 to 24m³/min. Pressures to 300kPa
  • Completely oil-free compressed air
  • Low speed, low noise
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Ease of maintenance

The Bulk-Air range of Wing Compressor has brought in a new era to the efficient unloading of dry bulk tankers and in-plant conveying systems.

Our unique compressors, named Wing Compressor, have a mechanism and functions which are completely different from those of conventional reciprocating type compressors. The rotor oscillates back and forth, driven by a crank. As the rotor rotates, two pressure strokes occur, in the upper and lower sections of the body, pressing the air out via the delivery valves. At the same time, two vacuum strokes occur, behind the upper and lower rotor blades. Air is drawn in through the suction valves. When the rotor reverses, the same functions occur. This is a very efficient design.

Their unequalled performance and excellent capabilities created a great reputation and a high market share for our company.

For decades our Wing Compressors have been used throughout Australia's Cement, Gypsum and Mining Industries and have proven time and time again to be the ultimate in reliability with years of maintenance free operation.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.