Sievmaster Rota Series

  • Sieve & lump break in one action
  • FDA approved materials of construction
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • Quick change screens - nylon, stainless, wedgewire
  • Dust & hose proof (IP67
  • Easy clean design, internal parts removable with no tools
  • Meets HACCP, BRC audit requirements
  • No vibration - smooth running
  • All stainless steel contact parts
  • Available in R150, R200-E, R200-C, twin R400 units

Designed to provide users with an efficient dust tight high throughput sieving machine, the ‘Sievmaster Rota’ series gives accurate material screening with continuous fine and coarse discharge. Material fed into the inlet port of the unit passes into the infeed compartment and then, via a screw feed, into the sieving area. The sieving area consists of a mesh cylinder and a paddle blade arrangement revolving within. The product is pushed against the mesh forcing the fine product through and retaining the coarse. Coarse product is ejected at the end of the machine and the fine discharges through the base of the main body. Product is sieved on a continuous basis and very large quantities can be processed very quickly. The machine is especially suitable for high volume sieving, lumpy, sticky and dusty products. Manufactured in all stainless steel with a bead blast or Electro polished finish, these machines can be fitted in-line and are suitable for all types of industries - Food, Pharmaceutical or Chemical.

The Rota series is available in three basic sizes, designated Rota 150, 200 & 400. The R150 is designed for low throughputs up to approx. 1000 kg/hr. The R200 is the workhorse of the range suiting most centrifugal sifting requirements up to approx 10,000 kg/hr. The R400 is based on the R200 but has twin drive and basket configuration, but can fed from one inlet and has a single fines and oversize outlet. The Rota series can fed using any type of conveyor, whether mechanical or pneumatic. Outlets can also be configured to allow sieved material to discharge into any conveyor type as listed above. There is also a special version the ‘Disintegrader’ designed to break down hard or agglomerated product and grade it in one action. The unit can also be fitted with ultrasonic deblinding for difficult products - a new innovation from Farleygreene.

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