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Wing Compressors for Dry Bulk Tanker Unloading:

A range of compressor models are available for unloading bulk tankers. Two models suit PTO drive mounting on prime movers for Australian conditions.

The standard model is suitable for cement and flyash. The heavy duty model generally suits all products, cement, lime, sugar, flour, flyash, stockfeed etc.

For larger tankers the heavy duty model is recommended to enable minimum pressurisation time of the tanker, for fastest turnaround.

These units replace screw compressors because of the many significant advantages.

Why use Kockums Wing Compressors?

Designed to work at maximum vessel pressure for fastest discharge – 200 kPa design continuous operation. Screw compressors are unable to match.

Very long operating life because of rugged design and low operating speed. Used extensively for many years by Australia’s leading cement supply company. After fitting, compressors have oil change once per year, and operate for 6 to 7 years with a service.

Supply air at low temperatures compared to screw conveyors.

Tanker Unloading Efficiency

The Discharge Rate of a tanker is directly proportional to the pressure of operation. As the pressure rises, so does the efficiency, and the rate of discharge. The ideal operating pressure is 200 kPa, but most tankers are designed for 165 to 170 kPa. So, it is important to operate at the maximum design pressure of the tanker for best results. There is an ideal air flow rate for best efficiency, and the Wing compressors are set for that. Higher air flow rates inevitably damage pipelines and valves by abrasive wear.

Higher performance motor driven models are also available.



  • Heavy duty construction for many years service
  • Very long operating life without strip service, 8 to 10 years is common
  • Low temperatures of the air at the outlet
  • Low noise emission during operation
  • Oil free air, for use with foodstuffs
  • Proven in adverse Australian conditions
  • Low rpm for ease of direct drive at low engine speeds
  • Operate to 2½ bar gauge, enables maximum pressure capability of tanker


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