Tanker Blowers

  • Heavy duty construction for many years service
  • Very long operating life without strip service, 8 to 10 years is common
  • Low temperatures of the air at the outlet
  • Low noise emission during operation
  • Oil free air, for use with foodstuffs
  • Proven in adverse Australian conditions
  • Low rpm for ease of direct drive at low engine speeds
  • Operate to 2½ bar gauge, enables maximum pressure capability of tanker

Custom Built Tanker Blowers
If you’re in an industry that requires reliably made, custom built tanker blowers, Kockums Bulk Systems can help. Material handling solutions is our specialty, and when it comes to tanker blowers and accessories, you can trust in the quality of our products. We offer ongoing technical support, maintenance, part replacement, and training services so you can have peace of mind when purchasing any of our goods.


Wing Compressors
We have a range of compressor models available for unloading bulk tankers, including two models that are suitable for Australian conditions.


Standard Model
This model is suitable for cement and fly ash.


Heavy Duty Model
The heavy-duty model generally suits all products including cement, lime, sugar, flour, fly ash, stockfeed, etc. This model is recommended for larger tankers in order to enable minimal pressurisation time of the tanker and provide a faster turnaround.


Why Use Wing Compressors?
These are designed to work at maximum vessel pressure: 200kPa designed for continuous operation. These replace screw compressors because of their extensive range of benefits and features that go unmatched by screw compressors.
They have a long operating life because of their rugged design and low operating speed. They have been used for years by Australia’s leading cement supply company, and after fitting, these compressors only require one oil change per year.


Unloading Efficiency
As the pressure rises within a discharging system, so does the efficiency and rate of that discharge. Ideally, operating pressure is 200kPa, though most tankers are designed for 165 - 170. Operating at the maximum design pressure is where you will get the best results. Wing compressors are set for the ideal air flow rate, which results in the highest level of efficiency.


A Premier Material Handling Company
For more information on our custom-built tanker blowers, call our head office in Heidelberg West, Victoria on 03 9457 8200.

No matter what service you need, we have a local representative in Australia ready to support you.