Powder Handling

  • Bag Handling Brochure

    Bag Handling

    Discover all our bag handling solutions with manual dump stations, automatic bag openers, ergonomic lifters, clean design & check sieving.
  • Bulk Bag & IBC Handling Brochure

    Bulk Bag & IBC Handling

    Learn how we can help with all your intermediate bulk container, bulk bag handling and bulk bag filling requirements.
  • Mechanical Conveying Brochure

    Mechanical Conveying Brochure

    Flexible screw conveying, aero mechanical conveying and olds elevators are all conveying solutions provided by Kockums.
  • Pneumatic Conveying Brochure

    Pneumatic Conveying

    Kockums are the powder handle professionals. Learn about our dense and lean phase conveying solutions for powders of every kind.
  • Process Equipment Brochure

    Process Equipment

    Explore our range of mixers, vibrating sieves, lump breakers, feeders and recipe batching systems.
  • Accessories Brochure


    Kockums represents a world class range of valves, filters, blowers, flow aids and instruments to complete your turnkey process solution.



  • Palletising & Wrapping Brochure

    Palletising & Wrapping

    Learn more about our range of robotic and conventional palletisers, stretch wrappers and pallet hooding machines.
  • Case & Carton Packaging Brochure

    Case & Carton Packaging

    Kockums offers a comprehensive range of world class secondary packaging solutions. Read more in this brochure.
  • Bagging Machines Brochure

    Bagging Machines

    Whether you need a form, fill and seal machine (FFS), open mouth bagger, valve bag packer or baling machine, you will find this brochure handy.



  • Vacuum Lifting Brochure

    Vacuum Lifting

    Kockums has been developing lifting solutions for all industries for over 25 years. You are certain to find the solution you need in this brochure.
  • Cranes Brochure


    Read more about our unique range of lightweight jib and gantry cranes.



  • Partner Support Brochure

    Partner Support

    No-one in their right mind will spend large amounts of capital without having solid back-up from the OEM. We do it differently, you need to read this brochure.



  • Coir Milling & Rehydrating

    Coir Milling & Rehydrating

    Read about our fully automated solution to expanding Coir
  • Form Fill & Seal Bagging Machines

    Form Fill & Seal Bagging Machines

    Read about our FFS solution for bagging cementitious products
  • Garden Products

    Garden Products

    A handy brochure explaining the end-to-end solution offered for high rate bagging of garden products.
  • Mix Plant - Growing Media

    Mix Plant – Growing Media

    Kockums offers an automated system for the consistent preparation of garden product mixes. This datasheet tells you how we do it.
  • Sanding Systems

    Sanding Systems

    Kockums has develop a bowser type system for filling sand boxes on locomotives. This datasheet tells you more.
  • Sheet Lifting

    Sheet Lifting

    Sheet lifting is awkward and dangerous. Kockums has a range of sheet lifters to solve the problem and increase productivity.

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