Powder Handling Videos

  • Thumbnail for Flexible Couple Machine Video

    Flexible Couple

    Industrial connector technology that makes manufacturing cleaner, safer and more efficient.

  • solimar fluidiser video

    Kockums – Solimar Fluidiser

    A quick and easy to install fluidiser ideal for small hopper and chutes.

  • bulk bag fillers video

    Bulk Bag Fillers

    Simple bulk bag filling systems for powders and granules.

  • lump breakers video

    Lump Breaker

    Break up friable lumps and agglomerates that have formed in dry powders and granules.

  • drag conveying video

    Cable & Chain Drag Conveying

    Designed for gentle handling and installations requiring conveying in multiple planes.

  • vacuum conveyaing video

    Vacuum Conveying

    Simple conveying solution for low rates and short distances, ideal for multiple infeeds and a common destination.

  • bulk bag conditioning video

    Bulk Bag Conditioning

    Safely and efficiently returns hardened bulk bags to a manageable free-flowing state.



Packaging Videos

  • Thumbnail fo Automactic stretch Wrapper machine video

    Automatic Stretch Wrapper – Pallets

    A low to medium capacity wrapping system for sacks, cartons, crates, drums, boxes and others.

  • okura palletiser multi bag video

    Okura Palletiser – Rice Bags – Multi Bags Pick

    These high-performance palletising robots are developed based on Okura’s sophisticated palletising technology.

  • bagging palletising system video

    Bagging and Palletising System

    Turnkey automatic open mouth bagger, low level palletiser and turntable wrapper.

  • chaf baling video

    Chaff Baling and Palletising System

    Chaff Baling and Palletising system supplied by Kockums Bulk Systems.

  • crate palletising system video

    SIRIO2S1 – Crate Palletising System

    Low level palletiser for interlocking crates.

  • packaging system video

    Kockums Bulk Systems – Packaging Systems


  • automatic palletiser video

    “Basket” Automatic Palletiser SIRIO 2S1C

    Low-level automatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationary position for high production needs.

  • auto form fill seal video

    Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

    For high speed bag filling of powders, granuales and pellet type materials in bags formed from a roll of flat film.

  • okura palletiser video

    Okura Palletising Robots for Bags and Cartons

    High speed robot Palletisers for bags and cartons.

  • high level palletiser video

    High Level Palletiser – SIRIO APM

    High speed palletisers with layer squeezing capabilities for the perfect pallet stck.

  • master500 palletiser video

    Master500 Palletiser

    Palletising robot with single column rotating structure, ideal for placing bags of cartons onto 2-3 pallets simultaneously.

  • carton closer video

    Carton Closers

    Close and seal the top and bottom carton flaps with hot-melt glue.

  • carton formers video

    Carton Formers

    Careful and simple manufacturing, capable of shaping a wide range of carton sizes.

  • carton packers video

    Carton Packers

    With flexibility, versatility, and innovation at the forefront of Kockums range of machines, we offer top and side loading equipment.

  • bagging cementous material video

    Bagging for Cementous Materials

    Waterproof bags for Concrete Pre-mix, Mortars, Sand, Aggregates, Grout, Lime and Gypsum.

  • combi blocks video

    Combi Blocks Video

    Flexible and versatile in the ever changing packaging market.



Lifting Videos

  • Thumbnail for ARV Catering VacuEasy Lift video

    ARV Catering – VacuEasyLift

    ARV Catering has achieved a significant and tangible outcome by applying technology and engineered solutions from Kockums Bulk systems.

  • protema film video

    Protema Film

    Protema electric operated trolleys make lifting and moving goods easier in all types of industry.

  • vacucobra video

    VacuCobra two units box lifter warehouse

    Ergonomically designed for lifting boxed goods, slabs or cases up to 50 kg.

  • baggage lifter video

    VacuCobra Baggage Lifter

    Takes the strain of this demanding work & eliminates manual handling.

  • lifting cartons video

    VacuEasyLift Cartons

    Makes light work of heavy boxes, with easy handling of large oversize cartons.

  • lifting rolls video

    VacuEasyLift Rolls

    Ergonomic design in a simple to use effective solution.

  • lifting sacks video

    VacuEasyLift Sacks

    Manual vacuum lifter, which handles almost all types of loads.

  • lifting boards video

    VacuEsyLift Boards

    Lift and turn wooden boards, lengths of timber, doors and work surfaces.

  • board lift rotate video

    Vacueasylift Board Lift & Rotate

    VM2180 Board lifter fitted with 90° pneumatic rotation foot.

  • board separator video

    Vacueasylift Board Separator Device

    VM2180 Equipped with pneumatic board separating device.

  • lifting cartons video

    VM120 Lifting 30kg Carton

    Tawi VM120 configured for lifting cartons.

  • wine bottle gripper video

    Tawi TH80 Hoist Fitted with Wine Bottle Gripper

    Tawi TH80 Hoist Fitted with Wine Bottle Gripper attachment.

  • Vacuum Lift & Rotate of Drums

    A custom foot for easy, safe lifting of drums and rotation allowing them to be emptied.

  • vacuum lifting containers video

    Vacuum Lifting Liquid “Cube” Containers

    A custom yoke developed by Kockums Bulk Systems for lifting four liquid containers at a time.

  • hoist lift video

    Hoist Lift

    Whether you need to use the hoist with a hook, a vacuum tool or a gripper tool, we have a hoist for your needs.

  • tawigrip video


    The TawiGrip pneumatic vacuum lifter is very flexible and can be used to lift, tilt and rotate different types of sheet and panels.

  • box lifting cart video

    Pro40 Box Lifting Electric Cart

    A Pro40 lift cart fitted with a custom tray for handling large, bulky items.

  • vacuum lifting cylinders video

    Lifting Gas Bottles/Cylinders

    A custom foot designed to lift a variety of gas bottles. Can be varied to suit specific sizes.

  • vacuum foot video

    Vacuum Foot / Robot End Effector

    Kockums customised a vacuum foot to lift plastic wrapped bales without leaving any marks or damage.

  • vacuum lifting gas bottles video

    Vaculift VM250 Twin Gas Bottle Lifter

    A VM250 configured to lift two ‘G’ sized gas bottles.

  • tawigrip panel turner video

    Tawi Grip 180° Panel Turner

    A Tawi Grip configured to rotate panels through 180°.

  • vacuum lift rotate video

    90° Vacuum Lift & Rotate Foot

    In house designed vacuum attachment for lifting and rotating sheets/boards.

  • core gripper video

    Protema Pro120 Coregripper

    Lifts reels up to 90kg and rotates them through 90° also available in a hoist mounted option.

  • rotation table video

    Door Edge Work Rotation Table

    A customised grip and rotate table for working on the edges of doors during manufacturing process.

  • lift cart reel handling video

    Protema Lift Cart – Reel Handling

    Make lifting and moving goods easier in all types of industry.

  • steel sheet lifter video

    Steel Sheet Lifter

    Weights of up to 270Kg can be lifted and manoeuvred easily and safely.

  • concrete lifting video

    Concrete Paver Lifter

    Ergonomically designed for lifting boxed goods, slabs or cases up to 50 kg.

  • crate lifting video

    Crate Lifting – Protema PRO200

    Make lifting and moving goods easier in all types of industry.

  • drum lifting video

    Drum Lifting – Protema PRO120 Electric Drum Turner

    Protema stainless steel lifts are suitable in clean room environments with high demands.

  • reel handling video

    Reel Handling – Protema CR80

    Roll and reel lifting is very often carried out with an electric lift.

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