Radiation Services Australia

160 kg lead-lined doors

Radiation Services Australia have been providing radiation shielding design and manufacture with supply into New Zealand and South East Asia for near 30 years.

At Seven Hills in NSW they manufacture lead shielded doors for shielding in hospitals and wherever radiation protection is required.

As the doors weigh of the order of 160 kg, it has been a 3 or 4 man task to handle them during manufacture.

Recently a revised manufacture layout with a new milling machine and a Kockums gantry utilising a Tawi vacuum assisted lifter has meant an important OH&S upgrade with significantly increased productivity. The client is well pleased with the system.

It is now a one man task to pick door assemblies from a cart, move them to a sizing machine and then to the final form milling machine.

The installation is a challenge because of the low head height of the building. The gantry was supported directly from the base of the heavy duty roof structure, and with modified VM2220 lift tubes it has been possible to provide an operating envelope quite adequate for the operator.


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