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Pneumatic Conveying System

Kockums Bulk Systems (Kockums) offer a Baseline Condition assessment (BCA) service and ‘Partner Agreement’ to clients, to assist in bringing equipment back to “as commissioned,” then keeping equipment in top performance condition. This applies to all facets of the business, Powder Handling, Packaging and Vacuum-assisted lifting.

Recently Peter Dennis, Operations Manager of Independent Flyash Brokers in Millmerran Queensland, engaged Kockums to perform a BCA on the basis of looking to achieve an improvement in current performance and a higher rate of product throughput than the original design required.

The flyash conveying system was supplied by Kockums in 2008 and installed at Millmerran Power Station, located south west of Toowoomba.

The flyash produced from burning the coal used at Millmerran is of high quality and the classified product, is used predominantly in concrete and cement manufacture in south eastern Queensland.

The process is that ash from the power station is conveyed to the IFB raw ash bin. The ash is then fed to a Metso C102 centrifugal classifier to separate the cement grade of ash, leaving a coarse ash which is conveyed to a reject silo for landfill.

The classified ash is then ‘dense phase’ conveyed off the power station site to remote load out silos up to 380 metre distance, for collection by road tankers. IFB also has the option to bypass the classifier – allowing for unclassified (Run of Station) flyash to be conveyed to the load out silos for specific customers.

The original pneumatic conveying systems were designed to exceed the output from the classifier, transferring the quality ash to the load out silos at 85 tonne per hour. However, to incorporate future developments, a second operational sequence of continuous conveying was built into the equipment to raise the transfer rate in the same equipment. This had not yet been required, but with potential upgrade considerations, it was tested at the time of the BCA.

As part of the BCA, the Kockums specialists together with IFB maintenance personnel replaced aeration cloths on the 4m3 capacity PCV’s and tuned the system to return to “as commissioned” state. They optimised the cycle times by altering air flow rate and pressure of operation, by adjusting the appropriate control valves.
The original PLC program required no upgrade during this process.

Significant savings were made on the air quantity being used, such that when running unclassified ash to the load out silos, one of the two ash conveying compressors was able to return to standby mode, even during the continuous conveying tests, which showed a potential achievable continuous throughput rate around 135 tonne per hour.

Peter Dennis was pleased at the outcome which confirmed that IFB’s approach to preventative maintenance of the equipment easily enabled the return to the original performance. The ‘Partner Agreement’ follow-on from the BCA offers continued security by incorporating an annual check-up by Kockums specialists to maintain top performance.

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