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I write this endorsement of my appreciation for the assistance I have received from key
personnel at Kockums Bulk Systems.

To Sam Lirosi, Karl Doyle and team for the patience, guidance and expertise they
provided in assisting me finalise an optimum outcome in the procurement and layout of
a complete bagging line for our company in Western Australia. It was a very smooth
and satisfying experience. Our equipment is planned to be installed and commissioned
by end ofAugust 2019.

10 Nick van den Berg and team – for being the basis of my decision to trust Kockums
to supply, install, commission and service our new equipment and including our
previously supplied equipment.

My decision to go with Kockums from the number of other interested suppliers was the
marked improvement in customer service we have experienced over the last 3 to 4
years. Prior to this period, it was quite frustrating to get the service levels when

It is well known that after sales service is key to any capital outlay for complex
equipment. And its availability is paramount to the decision-making process. My
observations above allayed those concerns and was pivotal in eliminating other offers
by other suppliers.

At this juncture, it is also important for me to highlight one area of concern which relates
to availability of key personnel in Customer Support when one requires critical support.
I am familiar with all personnel in CS who assist at every opportunity, but my
observation leads me to believe CS is under resourced. I do hope this improves in time.

To all of you. keep up the good work.

Mike Johnson - Director
Agrifil Pty Ltd

Knauf Plasterboard

The BCA’s on KBS proprietary equipment has been invaluable to our business as they have identified issues that we could not have realized. Although the equipment was still operating well after 10 years of service, the faults identified have not impacted the plants performance and therefore were not seen as issues.

The Partner Program allows us to have the service and support we need from technical service engineers with the ability to recognize and diagnose issues and perform repairs immediately. The willingness of these engineers to pass on their expertise to our own maintenance team means we have the best of both worlds, a partner program that not only supports us but is invested in training of our staff as well.

The customer support team is always willing to meet our needs with technical and spare parts support. Being able to call on people who know their equipment inside makes sure we keep our plant in optimum condition.

Les Triffett - Engineering Manager
Knauf Plasterboard

Brunnings Garden Products

Brunnings Garden Products at Brendale, Brisbane invested in a turnkey PACKAGING SYSTEM from Kockums Bulk Systems in late 2004.

The system automatically forms, fills, and seals then palletises up to 2000 bags of product an hour, with bag sizes ranging from 10 litre to 80 litres

Products placed in the bags range from fine potting soils to large-piece barks.

After roughly 12 months of operation, Brunnings’ owner Mr Brian Billings has expressed his delight with the installation stating he has exceeded previous years’ throughput records, and the labour savings have made a dramatic improvement to his bottom line. He states “it’s the best thing I’ve ever done”.

Brian says “In all aspects of procurement, engineering, documentation and after sales support I have no hesitation in recommending Kockums Bulk Systems to other end users needing automation in their product handling and packaging locations.”

Brian Billings
Brunnings Garden Products

Nestle Purina

“Please send my regards to Steve and Pete. They were great, they helped work through any issues that arose without any fuss and worked hard to get this job sorted.

Please ensure they are acknowledged for their efforts, everyone here is very impressed with the final result, including both operators and managements.

Also thank you for your efforts in ensuring everything came together well. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Fred Fouad – Project Engineer

Fred Fouad – Project Engineer
Nestle Purina


“It has well and truly delivered on the desired outcomes.”

“The systems are working very well. You have delivered on the vision. A rarity in business.”



At first suggestion to our operators that Vitasoy would use vacuum lifts to replace manual handling of bags of ingredients into our main mixing process, they said things like

“it will be too slow !”

“it won’t reduce the effort we require”

“it won’t handle all our different types of bags with varying types of materials surfaces”

There was a negative attitude to going down this path.
After working with Kockums from initial contact, to active demonstration onsite (with real operators and real product), staged installation, onsite training and final commercial operation the experience has been extremely positive from all parts of our business
The comments from our operators after using the system

“at the end of the day I feel great – much better than before”

“once I worked out the pattern of use, my speed is equal or better than before – but I don’t suffer”

“Fantastic we want more lifters in other areas”
The installation of the vacuum lift system has been extremely positive from Vitasoy’s point of view – solving a significant manual handling problem and over all increasing the engagement of our operators – Kockums has made this transition pleasurable and I would highly recommend their equipment but more importantly their people.

Ian Haberfield – Manufacturing Manager

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