I write this endorsement of my appreciation for the assistance I have received from key
personnel at Kockums Bulk Systems.

To Sam Lirosi, Karl Doyle and team for the patience, guidance and expertise they
provided in assisting me finalise an optimum outcome in the procurement and layout of
a complete bagging line for our company in Western Australia. It was a very smooth
and satisfying experience. Our equipment is planned to be installed and commissioned
by end ofAugust 2019.

10 Nick van den Berg and team – for being the basis of my decision to trust Kockums
to supply, install, commission and service our new equipment and including our
previously supplied equipment.

My decision to go with Kockums from the number of other interested suppliers was the
marked improvement in customer service we have experienced over the last 3 to 4
years. Prior to this period, it was quite frustrating to get the service levels when

It is well known that after sales service is key to any capital outlay for complex
equipment. And its availability is paramount to the decision-making process. My
observations above allayed those concerns and was pivotal in eliminating other offers
by other suppliers.

At this juncture, it is also important for me to highlight one area of concern which relates
to availability of key personnel in Customer Support when one requires critical support.
I am familiar with all personnel in CS who assist at every opportunity, but my
observation leads me to believe CS is under resourced. I do hope this improves in time.

To all of you. keep up the good work.